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Bring the Aroma and Beauty of the Tropics into your own home and garden!

It's no wonder why the Plumeria Frangipani and Adenium Desert Rose have become favorites to many collectors!

Everyone must have at least one 
Plumeria Frangipani and  one Adenium Obesum Desert Rose!


Hawaiian LeiThe Plumeria Frangipani is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and delightful plants grown in the world. Plumeria is named after Charles Plumier, a seventeenth-century French botanist who described several tropical species. The Plumeria is native to the tropical and subtropical areas of America and has spread to all the tropical areas of the world. It flourishes in Florida, Mexico, Hawaii, Central America  as well as South East Asia.

In Hawaii and other Tropics, the Intoxicating Fragrant Plumeria flowers are used for making Leis.
Click here to see "How to make the Hawaiian Lei" 


 The Plumeria may be used as a specimen or accent plant, for
 purfume, for flower production (hair accessories, leis), or simply for
 their intoxicating fragrance. Set the flowers in a dish of water and display them as a centerpiece!

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Our Plumeria Description

 While on our visit to Hawaii, we fell in love with the beautiful exotic array of colors and intoxicating variety of aromas of the Plumeria Frangipani.  The plumeria flowers represent natural beauty, charm and grace. Plumeria has different meaning to different cultures.



•  Hawaiian culture, plumeria flowers symbolize "aloha" which is used as a form of greeting. Plumeria also 
   represents perfection and the bond between everything good. In addition, the Plumeria is the symbol
   springtime, re-creation of nature and the beginning of new life.
•  Chinese culture, Plumeria flowers are given to someone as a token of love.
•  Hindu culture, the Plumeria flowers represent true commitment, dedication, loyalty and devotion.
•  Vietnamese culture, Plumeria flowers represent status in society.
•  Mayan culture, Plumeria flowers associated with the life and birth of human beings.

Ever since, we’ve considered the Plumeria to be the most perfect plant in the world. The Plumeria looks and smells fantastic, and it blooms from March through November. Plumeria are Native to the tropical areas of the world, however, you can bring the tropics into your own home, garden, patio or lanai. The Plumeria smells like no other plant in the world and the color variations are abundant. Some plumeria smell like gardenia or spices, while others smell like jasmine. Some smell very sweet, others like peaches, fruity or citrusy. The Plumeria can be grown anywhere in the world since it can either be a 20-30 foot tree if you live in the warmer tropical climates, or it makes a fantastic potted plant for your patio, sundeck, screened in pool, balcony or driveway. The Plumeria only grows to the size of the pot. In climates where it gets cold or freezes, you can either bring the plumeria inside to keep it growing in the winter, or you can put away till it warms up, either in the closet or basement and it will go into a dormant state. Bring the Plumeria out when it warms up next spring, and it blooms bigger than the year before. The Plumeria is one of the most carefree plants in the world.  It is drought tolerant and can be grown in full or partial sun.

 Rare and Exotic New Yellow Jack Plumeria Frangipani  Rare and Unique Adenium Desert Rose Rare and Exotic Leona Hoke Plumeria Frangipani   Rare and Unique Adenium Desert Rose  Rare and Exotic Plumeria Frangipani

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"Bring the aroma and beauty of the Tropics Into Your Home or Garden"

 The easiest way to get started with your first Plumeria is to buy a cutting. Cuttings are 10-16" long and can be stored for up to a year (if correctly) before being planted. Rooting a cutting is easy. Just use a well draining soil mixture. Dip the dried end of your cutting into a rooting hormone then stick your Plumeria cutting into the new soil mix down to about 3 inches. It is recommended that you water the cutting sparingly until it has several well formed leaves. If the weather is hot you can lightly water every couple of days. Just be sure the soil is dry most of the time. You will know that the roots have begun to grow when you see leaves begin to form. This should be in about 6-8 weeks. You'll fall in love with the Plumeria, as we did!