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These are samples of our Plumeria Frangipani singles, double and triple tip cuttings:


          Plumeria Frangipani tip Cuttings SinglesPlumeria Frangipani tip Cuttings doublesPlumeria Frangipani tip Cuttings triplesPlumeria Frangipani tip Cuttings Plumeria Frangipani tip Cuttings rooting powder

The Plumeria Frangipani are cut from fully grown blooming trees and allowed to scab over to
allow them dry out and root.

hen ordering a Plumeria cutting, it will be a fresh cutting, at least 10" -16" in length, singles, double, or triple tip (depending on your selection).
Your plumeria will be dipped in rooting hormone
, unless you request otherwise.
Please do
NOT put the plumeria cutting in water.
(people do root plumeria in just water, we do not recomend this for the beginner)
After you get your new plumeria cutting, just plant it in well draining potting soil, water it, and allow it to dry out before watering it again. Place your plumeria in a warm, sunny location. Most plumeria cuttings become established within 60-90 days.
During the rooting process, do NOT overwater.
Overwatering will cause the plumeria cutting to rot, so do not over water! 
As long as the plumeria cutting feels firm to the touch, it is in good condition. Water your Plumeria again when soil is dry about 2-3" down
. When in doubt, do not water.
Once your Plumeria is rooted and established, blooms should appear during the first year. This depends on sun, water, fertilizer, etc. Plumeria flowers best with at least 6 hours of direct sun.
Plumeria are not difficult to grow and do not require a lot of care.
Plumerias should be fed with a high nitrogen fertilizer beginning in spring when growth begins. To encourage the most blooms a switch to a high phosphorous fertilizer in early May and fertilize every 2 to 3 weeks through the end of August. Enjoy your Plumeria!
(of course there are many new ways to root plumeria, this is what works best for us).

These are samples of our Plumeria Frangipani seedlings:
 Plumeria Frangipani seedlings Plumeria Frangipani seedlings  Plumeria Frangipani seedlings 
 These are samples of our Plumeria Frangipani rooted cuttings:
Plumeria Frangipani rooted cuttings  Plumeria Frangipani rooted cuttings  Plumeria Frangipani rooted cuttings 
 Our Plumeria Frangipani seed pods:
 Plumeria Frangipani seed pods Plumeria Frangipani seed pods  Plumeria Frangipani seed pods 
These are some of our Adenium Obesum Desert Rose:
Aenium obesum desert rose  Adenium Obesum Desert Rose   Adenium Obesum Desert Rose
Adenium Obesum Desert Rose   Aenium obesum desert rose  Aenium obesum desert rose
Aenium obesum desert rose  Aenium obesum desert rose Aenium obesum desert rose 

Please e-mail us if you have any special requests.  wild_bills@bellsouth.net

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